Things You should do in order to destroy Your life!

I would like to start this blog with something about self-development, because due to development of my own personality I’m able to present you some of that what I’m doing and what makes me better every day. Hereunder I summarized in ironic way some life tips which I hope will be never used by you. I wish You a pleasant lecture.

  • Compare yourself with other people. How much money they have, how many friends on facebook what notes they are obtaining at school, etc. If at any point they are bit better – they are a competitor for you!
  • Don’t wait for results of your work. Don’t be patient! Everything you do either works at once or will never ever work! Doesn’t sound common 😉 ?
  • Be aware on that what other people are saying to You. You should consider that everything what other people are talking to You as an absolutely truth.
  • Don’t try something new. Expect always better results without changing situation. Maybe someone will fix your problems for you.
  • If you feel that something is not for you – there is no possibility that it is different.
  • Think always that the result of your situation is caused by another people. You don’t have an influence on your life.
  • Always try to fix another people! You are perfect so why you should improve anything in your personality!
  • Don’t await that someone can help you anytime. General it is better to stay away from people.
  • Always search in every challenge what can go wrong. In fact it is even better to not start anything new.

That’s of course not all possible cases which make you unhappy, when there is something what you consider as important – feel free to share us it in a comment.


It is very interesting that all these tips are used by all of us. I hope that right now you will try to rethink and try to find one feature which you find in your behavior. Try to focus on it. Remember that all bad habits can be changed. I wish you success in changing and challenging yourself, it is one of hardest and most under-estimated job.

Adam Bemski

One thought on “Things You should do in order to destroy Your life!”

  1. Great and innovative type of article. It was the fresh view from the ‘dark ‘ side of life. Moreover I can absolutely agree with statements attached there. Personally, I’ve heard a lot of this statement in my life, and I suppose that it will happen more than once in the future, but I know how to overcome this with strong arguments in my hands.

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